The preaching plan for next quarter is not yet available

Important Notes

"" To confirm their forthcoming appointments, preachers are advised to consult the printed circuit plan issued on behalf of the superintendent minister. This transcription has not been checked by the circuit office.

"" If you discover errors in this copy of the plan or if you wish to update the plan on your church's behalf, please advise

"" ** Asterisks denote a change to the original preaching plan.

"" Quick access to the preaching plan: In Internet Explorer, select your preferred view for the current quarter—full plan or subset for your church(es) only. Go to Favorites, then Add to Favorites. When you want to view the plan in future, go to Favorites where you will see your choice of plan listed. If you use this procedure for next quarter's plan be aware that this plan will apparently disappear when it is re-named as this quarter's plan. Other browsers use Bookmarks for quick website access.